Suspicious Minds: Infidelity and Adultery

Suspicions of infidelity or adultery can become a psychological nightmare. On the one hand you want to show that you implicitly trust your partner and you don’t want to accuse them of something if you don’t have incontrovertible proof. On the other, your suspicions may be eating you alive from the inside out – and […]

Why It is Best to Let a Professional Handle Your Investigations

You may feel that it is easier and more cost effective to do surveillance on your own. Or you may have a friend or family member who is willing to do this for you. We strongly recommend that you hire a professional. There are many pitfalls that come from trying to do a job you […]

Signs of Child Abuse

Child abuse is a difficult subject for many people to broach. It is especially difficult for a parent who suspects that their ex-spouse is the perpetrator of the abuse. But it is important to remember that child abuse does happen and if you have any suspicions that may indicate abuse it is important for a worried parent […]

Infidelity: The Statistics

One of the sensitive situations we face as investigators is the difficulty that clients have when they come to us suspicious of a loved one for infidelity. Be assured that you are not alone. Not only are we here to be of service as one of the top private investigators in Columbia, SC, but we […]


In our more than 50 years of combined experience in investigations, we’ve narrowed down the answers to the question “How can I destroy my case before it gets off the ground?”


1.     Tell them you’ve hired (or are going to hire) an investigator.  It sounds intimidating and tells your spouse you really mean business.  After all, that cheating slimeball […]