If you are looking for a private investigator Rock Hill SC may be home to the professional team that can meet all your private investigation needs. Stillinger Investigations has a combined experience of over 50 years of service in South Carolina.

Stillinger Investigations, Inc.
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Our Comprehensive PI Services Feature:

private investigator rock hill scCriminal Defense
Our licensed attorneys can conduct investigations into all of the circumstances of your case, and you can trust that your attorney will enter the courtroom with all of the information necessary to provide you with an exceptional defense.

We can conduct sweeps to reveal hidden surveillance devices, and determine whether someone is investigating your activities.

Covert Camera Installation
We can detect fraudulent activity with the use of our nearly undetectable covert camera systems.

GPS and Tracking Services
We use innovative technology to pursue subjects.

Infidelity and Adultery
Suspected infidelity can be painful, but we can determine whether your suspicious feelings are justified. Your suspicions may be incorrect, but the peace of mind can help you move forward. If your suspicions are correct, the information that we assemble can assist you with any subsequent legal matters.

Child Custody
We provide confidential monitoring to gauge how your children are treated when they are with their other parent.

Database Research
We use many databases to find individuals or uncover information that will support your case.

Digital Forensics
Our sophisticated equipment can retrieve information from an electronic device even if someone has attempted to hide or erase the data.

Rock Hill, SC residents are encouraged to call us today for an expert, free, and confidential private detective consultation.