Covert Camera Systems

spy camera

covert-cameraDuring investigations that require surveillance of hard-to-monitor locations, such as inside a home or office, or on property located in a rural area, maintaining covert surveillance may require the use of one of our covert camera systems.  Whether indoors or outdoors, our covert camera systems are designed to fit in with any environment and are virtually undetectable.  Using special housings, we can disguise our hidden cameras to look like its surroundings, depending on your surveillance needs.

At Stillinger Investigations, we provide cost effective solutions using professional and law enforcement-grade covert camera systems that utilize high-quality video recording features such as motion detection, time-lapse, real time, and scheduled event capturing.  These features allow us to maintain continuous covert surveillance for days or weeks at a time  Installation is easy and, in most cases, can be set up in a matter of minutes.

With our covert surveillance systems, we can help you bring the truth to light.

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