It has come to our attention that scammers have been seeking payment under false pretenses as Stillinger Investigations.  South Carolina Private Investigators are licensed and regulated by SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division).  Stillinger Investigations WILL NEVER request payment of services unless a SLED approved contract has already been established between you ‘the client’ and us ‘the investigator’.

The scammer has been requesting funds in the form of Western Union money gram payments.  Stillinger Investigations does NOT accept payment in the form of Western Union.

-Tips to Avoid Fraud-

Many scams involve the deceptive party establishing communication with you first.  One of the best ways to avoid being scammed via phone is to follow the steps below:

  1. Ask who you are speaking to and what company they work for. (Take note of the person’s voice)
  2. Disconnect from the caller.
  3. Look up the company the caller works for and call them back on the official number.
  4. Ask for the person you were speaking to before. (Is it the same voice as the first call?)
  5. If the person exists, mention the previous conversation.

These 5 steps can help prevent many types of scams.  The steps also apply to many email phishing scams.  If you get an email asking you to validate information (bank account, social media account status, PayPal, etc.) by clicking on a link, take note of which website the email is coming from, open up a new browser and log into the official website yourself to complete the request.


If you have any questions regarding your case or account our main Office number is 803-400-1974.  All of our alternate contact methods are available on our website

Official SLED website